Baccarat Martingale Method and 100% Utilization Tips Final Summary

Baccarat Martingale Method and 100% Utilization Tips Final Summary

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Hello, this is Baccarat School.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of betting on a baccarat system?

Perhaps it is the Martingale betting method .

Today, we will tell you in detail how to use the baccarat martingale system betting and how to use it 100% & tips.

Baccarat Martingale Method and 100% Utilization Tips Final Summary

Baccarat Martingale Method

basic odds

Baccarat Martingale Method

Basically, a game using Martin is an (odd/even) game. The baccarat game, which can be considered the most odd game among casinos, is applicable.

Since the betting amount can vary from person to person, I will call it a amount.

  • 1 bet a amount
  • 2 bets ax 2 amount
  • 3rd bet ax 2 x 2 amount
  • 4 times bet ax 2 x 2 x 2 amount


As above, it is a system betting in which you get an amount of a, the principal amount, if you win even once by gradually ‘x 2 ( bet by doubling )’ method. (This is when you continue to bet on the player doubled.)

Speaking probabilistically, the probability of getting an amount a is as follows.

  • Probability of winning (getting an amount a) in one bet: 50%
  • Probability of winning (getting an amount a) when betting twice: 75%
  • Probability of winning (getting an amount a) when betting 3 times: 87.5%
  • Probability of winning (getting an amount a) when betting 4 times: 93.75%


So as a result the probability will be close to 100% . In case of winning, it goes back to the beginning (a amount bet).

The amount selected is the capital % 256

Baccarat Martingale Method and 100% Utilization Tips Final Summary
a How much should I select?

The final win probability converges to 100%, but the number of bets on failure can continue, and if the capital is insufficient, it is the martingale system betting that can eventually lose.

The most ideal betting amount judged by Baccarat School is the amount that can bet the final 8 times . The reason is basically that the probability of winning in 8 rounds is 99.61% .

Let’s take an example. If the capital is 12.75 million won, when the amount that can be bet 8 times is calculated, a becomes 50,000 won.

  • Capital: 10 million won
    • 50,000 per round, 50,000 total bet amount
    • 2 times 100,000, total bet amount 150,000
    • 3 times 200,000, total bet amount 350,000
    • 4 times 400,000, total bet amount 750,000
    • 5 times 800,000, total bet amount 1.55 million
    • 6 times 1.6 million, total bet amount 3.15 million
    • 7 times 3.2 million, total bet amount 6.35 million
    • 8 times 6.4 million, total bet amount 12.75 million


You can easily calculate it as a amount = capital % 256 .

In addition, please calculate the amount of capital above as 40% of the total seed .

As long as there is even a 1% chance of failure, investing all seeds in one system bet does not serve the purpose of system betting.

2. Baccarat Martingale Gambler Types

There are three types of baccarat martin gamblers.

Before we get into the strategy, let’s talk about the types of people who use Martin. If you are not the type below, please think again before trying.

  • A live bar who plays baccarat full-time
  • Those who want a small but steady income
  • A person who is strong in controlling emotions (= a person who is strong in patience)

3. Baccarat Martingale Practice Strategies

Currently, several strategies are exposed online using the Baccarat Martingale betting method. These various strategies are system methods that have been transformed into a system similar to Martin’s, rather than simply using the standard of Martin’s strategy as it is.

Baccarat School always tells you only the most practical strategies, so this time I will also tell you the most realistic and highly probable strategies .

The strategy I am talking about is not available online and is a practical strategy that is exclusively taught at Baccarat School.

Strategy using Fibonacci in Martingale

  • If the bet amount for one round is A, it is 2A-1 bet for hit and 2A+1 bet for miss. (You can bet repeatedly.)

This is a strategy created by adding a little bit of the concept of Fibonacci . I’ll explain it in just one sentence, and if you don’t understand, please read it two or three more times.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the strategy, here are a few final tips.

  1. The important thing is not the target amount, but how much to bet on the day
  2. Check table minimum and maximum limits
  3. 20 minutes betting, 10 minutes rest, repeat

There are other things, but I just mentioned the 3 most important ones.

Again, to emphasize an important factor, please remember that you need to clearly identify your type, understand the strategy, and familiarize yourself with the strategy through the 3 tips (TIP).

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