How to use speed baccarat and strategies for using 100% rules [Summary]

How to use speed baccarat and strategies for using 100% rules [Summary]

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hello. This is Baccarat School. Today, I would like to summarize the speed baccarat game, which is a game that baccarat users who want to play quickly in Europe and Asia are looking for. Let’s summarize how to use speed baccarat, the rules, and the 100% utilization strategy using the rules.

How to use speed baccarat and strategies for using 100% rules

1. Speed Baccarat Game Rules (Rules)

speed baccarat

What is Speed Baccarat?

Speed Baccarat is one of the live baccarat games, and it is a baccarat game that progresses 60% faster than regular live baccarat .

Therefore, the rules apply to the basic baccarat rules .

  • Basic baccarat rules: Player and banker exist, and 2 to 3 cards are dealt, and the one whose sum of cards is closest to 9 wins.

How to use speed baccarat and strategies for using 100% rules [Summary]

Differences from normal live baccarat and precautions

The biggest difference is, of course, how fast it goes, right?

The thing we need to be careful about is that it’s going fast .

The point is that you can miss the betting judgment because the betting is closed 60% faster than normal baccarat, that is, within 12 seconds.

This, of course, leads to rapid losses. So, who is the risky game for, and who is it suitable for?

If the following applies , we recommend regular live baccarat or rich golden baccarat .

  • New to Baccarat
  • People whose judgment is easily shaken due to a lot of losses


Conversely, if the following applies , speed baccarat is the most suitable game .

  • Those who use the baccarat system betting
  • Those who set a clear target amount and one-time betting amount with their own strategy and proceed with betting


2. Speed Baccarat Operation?

Let me point out one thing. When using live baccarat, the part that you can definitely have a question about is the baccarat operation.

There may be several points when determining whether baccarat is manipulated, but the part that can be the biggest criterion for judgment is the provider of the baccarat game .

game of baccarat

If you arbitrarily play live baccarat on one site, you may be able to operate enough. However, if you are a game company that has an official license and provides games from dozens to hundreds of legal betting companies in Europe & Asia, manipulation is of course impossible.

How to use speed baccarat and strategies for using 100% rules [Summary]

Currently, the speed baccarat game is provided by Pragmatic Play . Let’s take a quick look at how big the company is.

  • Based in Sliema, Malta, the game company established in 2015 holds official licenses issued by the Romanian and Maltese authorities.
  • Real-time live casino from a studio in Bucharest , Romania
  • Supports over 354 live casino games and offers live streaming to the European and Asian world


As above, it can be seen that manipulation by Pragmatic Play game company, which has an official license for the whole world, is impossible.

3. 100% Utilization Strategy for Speed Baccarat Rules

In Baccarat School, the explanation is based on the speed baccarat game of Pragmatic Play game company, and this may not be applicable depending on the baccarat rule & bonus betting provided by the game company.

First, use the bonus bet

It is to use the player bonus and banker bonus bets that can increase returns from 2 to 30 times provided by Pragmatic Play’s speed baccarat.

How to use speed baccarat and strategies for using 100% rules [Summary]

The strategy is that if the bet amount is 2A, the bonus bet is to bet A at 1/2 the price .

  • The bonus dividend pays out at the following dividend rates:
    • If 9 comes out as the 3rd card and wins: 30 dividend
    • If 8 comes out as the 3rd card and wins: 10 dividends
    • If 7 comes out as the 3rd card and wins: 6 dividends
    • If 6 comes out as the 3rd card and wins: 4 dividends
    • If 5 comes out as the 3rd card and wins: Doubles
    • If 1 to 4 come out as the 3rd card and win: Dividend X
    • All cases of winning with the 2nd card: 1 payout
  • Note: This bonus bet can only be placed before the 44th round . Therefore, when selecting a table, select a table prior to the 44th round.

Second, use system betting

The best way to play Speed Baccarat is to use system betting .

The most important thing before using system betting is to find a system betting strategy that suits you.

Basically, Baccarat School introduces Martingale strategies and tips that are combined with Hong Kong cruises and optimal strategies.

Please refer to the article below for more details.


In a nutshell, the utilization strategy

  • It is to apply the betting method using system betting and bet 1/2 of the bet amount on the (player or banker) bonus .

4. How to use Speed Baccarat

Currently, the speed baccarat game introduced earlier is provided by BCGAME , which has an overseas legal license, and provides services for Europe & Asia, so there are no restrictions on system betting.

You can find it right away by searching for the keyword ‘ Speed Baccarat’ in the casino game search box as shown in the image below on the betting site.

How to use speed baccarat and strategies for using 100% rules [Summary]

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